Friday, September 01, 2006

Black on black HATE

A black sister is speaking Xhosa. You immediately think "man-stealer, skhebereshe, gold digger". If you are with your man you keep him likea dog guarding a bone.

After all, you can never trust these sanas around any man their morals are as loose as a prostitute's underwear. They are as deceitful as their Xhosa men - look at what they are doing to Zuma.

And what about the Dudu-comes-to-Jozi type of girl. You know mos, Zulu girl who starts wearing a fong kong gold tooth she bought on the corner Plein and Klein. She'll match the golden tooth with a looks-like-gold bracelet to show that she is a city girl now. Every opportunity she gets, she'll tell you she's wearing gold calat (note: not carat). After all, theseZulus can't pronounce R. and don't dare tell Dudu she's wearing fake - you know how violent these drummies are. She'll threaten you in her hard-core language, her pinafore will be tucked roughly inside her panties and you'll be promised an early meeting with your ancestors. Zulu girls are as rough and ignorant as their taxi-driving boyfriends.

Venda or Shangaan or Tsonga - are those people from South Africa, anyway?They speak funny, eat worms and raw foods like the Chinese and the women don't know what personal hygiene means. Show me a clean Venda women and I'll show you an honest Xhosa and peaceful Zulu.

Pedi and Swati women sound like retarded kids when they speak. And when they get excited they sound like a school ground of retarded children. Don't get me started on Sothos who eat horsemeat, and Tswana women are materialistic and money driven - Xhosas in disguise?

Coloured meisies always think they are better than us black sistas. But you know them - just crazy, without culture, smokers, baby makers and champion drunks.

If you belong to any of these ethnic groups, am I describing you? I don't think so and hope not. Then why do we judge each other by ethnicity when we know it is not true of us? I'd like to blame it on apartheid, but I think we know better by now.

We are all Africans and are blessed with great hearts and the willingness to forgive. Let go of your prejudice and you might find that you can befriend a Zulu girl, trust a Xhosa women, learn how to speak Tsonga, sharefood with a Venda and see the beauty of our rainbow people.